Channel Letters and Channel Lettering are very popular for lighted business signs. These signs can be used indoor or out as they are durable and weather resistant. World Wide Signs offers a complete range of channel lettering and channel letter signs including type styles and custom logos.

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  Features and Benefits

  • Channel Letters avaialble from 6in – 15ft
  • Channel Lock Letter Backs
  • Met Lab Approved Illumination
  • LED or Neon Illumination
  • Many types of letter options (channel lock trimcap letters, fabricated reverse channel letters, custom shape logos, front and back lit, and open channel)
  • Up-to-date manufacturing technology to enhance service and support
  • A separate Channel Letter Factory Division is dedicated to provide quality and timely delivered products
  • Quantities of one or one hundred sets
  • Quick production time
  • Fast – 24 hour quotes